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NEW!The Berlingo Zone

NEW! The Berlingo Zone

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Berlingo models:

There are 2 basic types for the Citroën Berlingo, the van version, for two persons and freight and the passenger car version, with side windows at the back.
Berlingo van or camionette This is the van version, with a rear part without windows, suitable for promotion peinting on the side.
Berlingo passengers car The passenger version, the picture shows the car as a car that's very suitable for your free time and holidays.


Berlingo logo:

Berlingo logo, black on white In the best Citroën tradition of the last years, the Berlingo name-logo is nicely formed of "written" letters. Here in black with some shadow on white...
Berlingo logo, silver on white ...and silver on white even looks better...
Berlingo logo, purple on white ....you can make it in purple too, of course.


Berlingo movie:

a little animated picture:

animated Berlingo website picture


Berlingo Van:

The differences with the passengers version are on the outside: the closed back sides and the two back doors. The passengers version "Multispace" has one big door that opens to the top. (The cheaper passenger version also have two doors at the back. This picture shows one of the options, a hatch at the back side of the roof. option: extra roof-hatch for Berlingo
blue Berlingo van grey Berlingo van
green Berlingo van The Berlingo van can be purchased in many different colors: White "Banquise", Grey "Quartz", Green "Innsbruck", Green "Alep", Blue "Buckingham", Blue Amiral", Beige "Atlas", Black "Verni", Red "Furio", Red "Scala".
Berlingo loaded with plants Berlingo loaded with sacks
The Berlingo van is special designed to transport many different goods, it has a interior volume for the load of 3 m3. The maximum load weight is 660 kgs. for the version with the 1.4i petrol engine and 670 kgs. for the 1.9 diesel version. On the roof you may place 100 kgs.
Withe the right surroundings you can create a nice scene with a "working" car! black Berlingo van
Van of the Year 1997 For all the good things that you can say, and is daid about the Citroën Berlingo, the car received the "Van of the Year 1997" title!


Berlingo Multispace:

blue Berlingo from the back The Berlingo "Multispace" person car version have nice colors, here is a blue one. You can see the backdoor that opens to the top side. The backside of the car has sliding windows.
Berlingo for diving support This is how Citroën want us to see the Berlingo Multispace, on the beach with people sporting.....
blue Berlingo on the beach ... or just having fun, so the Berlingo must be some kind of FUN car!
Berlingo red Here it is again, but then in the red color, with some surfboards on the roof.

Berlingo blue


Berlingo Coupé de Plage:

Berlingo Coupť de Plage - picture 1 In the field of the "fun" car theme there was right with the introduction of the van this prototype appeared in 1996...
Berlingo Coupť de Plage - picture 2 ...with pictures at the seaside. This could be the follow-up for the Citroën Méhari. Citroën is missing cars like this on the production lines!


Berlingo Bulle:

Berlingo Bulle Together with the Coupé de Plage, the "Bulle" prototype was shown. For unknown reason after that time the most attention went to the Coupé de Plage. This car is meant as a city car. It looks nicer and more like a CItroën then the later introduced Xsara.
more Berlingo Bulle pictures


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