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NEW!The Berlingo Zone

NEW! The Berlingo Zone

The Berlingo Bulle

Berlingo Bulle - front/side Nice for shopping with the big back-hatch, and the kids have their own back doors!
Berlingo Bulle - back side A nice shot from the back that shows more design then there is now in all the Citroëns that are in production...
Berlingo Bulle's steering position ... as it is in the interior!
Laugh with the Berlingo Bulle The Berlingo Bulle is a car to laugh WITH and not about!
Berlingo Bulle - side view It's also a nice car to go out with. The form of the doors remind me of another car....

NEW! The Berlingo Zone

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"NEW! The Berlingo Zone" started on Friday April 10, 1998
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